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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Have you been dragging your feet on a mobile version of your site or upgrading to a responsive template design?  If you have, you are not mobile friendly and it could affect your traffic and sales in the future.  Beginning April 21, 2015 Google will begin incorporating your sites mobile-friendliness into its ranking algorithm.

If your answer to the question in this articles title, Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?, is no, then you need to take some immediate steps to move in that direction.  Here at OBN we have approached mobile in a few different ways over the years.  We have always known that mobile would be the preferred interface of customers in the future, and since 2008 have taken steps to optimize our solution for mobile users.  Aligned with the likes of Amazon and Ebay and other major retailers, the OBN approach to mobile has been to develop mobile specific website versions and designs.

17% of firearms retailer website traffic comes from a mobile device.

Our Basic and Gold level solutions have the option for a mobile version of the website.  This slick little add on not only changes the way the site is viewed on mobile sized devices automatically, it also allows for a complete mobile specific website and interface customization.

Our legacy (V5 and below) Ultimate level platform has always had an included mobile version.  Some users may not have turned it on yet, but if you haven’t, you should. The new OBN CloudCommerce V6 Ultimate level platform has two native mobile options.  It can utilize the embedded mobile site, or choose from a selection of responsive e-commerce templates.

The time has come to make sure you have a mobile plan, not only for your users ease of navigation, but also for SEO.  As this is now a ranking factor, your site will be left behind if you do not make the appropriate accommodations.  If you aren’t sure of your websites status, Google provides a tool to check your website here:

If you need  help implementing a mobile solution contact us today and we will get you moving in the right direction.

Internet Marketing and Why

I am going to touch on this again for the simple fact that there are still some people out there who do not think marketing works. The “Why” is easy…because your competition is doing it. Marketing is probably more important on the internet than in any other medium when it comes to driving business to your retail storefront. In today’s smartphone/tablet rich environment, over 70% of users find their way to your brick and mortar store and your e-store through the use of one of these devices. So if you don’t have the basics in place for your website you are missing out on a ton of potential business. Big name brand companies that do a good amount of online business spend millions to make sure their sites are readily visible to the public when they start searching on Google or Bing. It would be just plane foolish to think your site will perform without some level of marketing effort put into it. So once again I urge all of you to take some time and give us a call to see how or what you can do to get your site performing to a level that makes it worth your while. Call us today at 1-800-699-0820 ext. 1