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Important: Product Description

Product description is the first thing that any user or search engine sees about your products. And for an e-commerce website it is the main description of what you sell. This text is what distinguishes your product page from any competitors. So if you are exactly the same as a competitor, the search engines really cannot differentiate. Distinguishing yourself with your unique content is pivotal for products. Imagine two different descriptions of a black stapler.

Description A
Blk Stapler Swingline
1/4” stapler
210 staple capacity
Description B
Black Stapler Swingline
210 staple capacity
Staples up to 20 sheets
Desktop stapler withstands heavy business use
Opens for tacking to poster paper and bulletin board

Now these are two of the same old boring stapler. But Google doesn’t assume that these are the same product. The B description seems like a much better product more versatile and suitable for more people.

The B description is purposely improved in several specific ways.

  • Uses real words – Black instead of Blk
  • Additional Features – Staples up to 20 Sheets
  • Appeals to specific buyer – Desktop stapler withstands heavy business use
  • Additional Uses – Opens for tacking to poster

It is important when you approach updating or enhancing descriptions, that you think about some of these improvements made above. Additional images or videos are helpful as well. But the simple description updates are effective.

You might be saying, “Wait, I just imported 10,000 products from a distributor. How can I update them all?” Well the short answer is you can’t instantly update them all. We always encourage clients to look at their highest margin or most popular products. You’ll see patterns of descriptions that are easy to fix. For example Black is Blk, Barrel is Bbl, etc. Quickly scan and update those for the popular products. Depending on the focus of your site you can also add an little extra to the description at the same time such as ‘Ideal for the Avid Outdoorsman.’ You’ll find your rhythm and update your most popular 500-1,000 products in no time.

Remember, these tips will help you create better user experiences and improved search engine ranking. Contact Us

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