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Building Consumer Confidence in your website!

One major hurdle that ecommerce retailers have to jump is allowing their customers to shop in a secure environment. Consumers are wary of shopping at online stores due to the commonly held belief that their information will be stolen and they will be victims of credit card fraud and identity theft. Letting shoppers know that your site is safe and well managed will go a long way in reassuring them to spend money.
Here are three quick and simple tips to help reassure your customers that it is safe to shop on your site:
1. Post a picture of your payment gateway. If you have a certified seal for a secured payment gateway, it will help customers make the decision to part with personal information on your site.
2. In your contact us section an actual address and phone number goes a lot further to instill trust in a customer over a PO Box and an email address alone.
3. Make sure the look, feel, content and specials are updated and current. Design and content play a huge part in building consumer trust.