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3rd Party Remote IT Support
Need help with email, point of sale, VPNs, servers, and in-store connectivity? We can help with all things IT related.
$125.00 USD One Time
Hourly Design
Our talented graphic designers will work on your project.
$100.00 USD One Time
Hourly Principal Consulting
Chat with our President/CEO about all aspects of your business.
$400.00 USD One Time
Hourly Programming
Keep your budget in check. Have our experienced expert ecommerce programmers work on your project.
$200.00 USD One Time
SEO/Marketing Hourly Consulting
Consult with one of our web marketing and SEO experts on an hourly basis. No commitment, you are only billed for the hours you use. Our team member can advise you on steps for DIY (do-it-yourself) SEO or directly work on your project, the choice is yours.
$200.00 USD One Time