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Why do we love video production? Plain and simple – it is challenging and fun to do. Sure, it is lots of hard work behind the scenes, but the outcome is always worthwhile. Yes, there are higher end production studios out there that are more adept at high-end editing, casting, and direction, but they cost a lot more than we do. We will outsource or refer clients to a high end production team if needed. However, for us, video production developed out of a need for some of our clients to have simple but professional YouTube product videos created for marketing and SEO purposes. That we can do, and do it well we do.

We have done live shots at the range, developed scripts, rehearsed, made sets, used remote moving cameras, shot video underwater, broken glass and blown stuff up, all in the name of making our clients happy and getting the word out about their products. Need some good quality HD product videos that are edited well at a reasonable price? That is where we come in. Let us have some fun with your project to build viewers, relay information about your quality products, and ultimately gain customer and brand loyalty. Check out the work we have done, then give us a call to ask us how economically we can do the same for you.

Time to start shooting?